Chill in Cafe Provides Your Favourite Coffee And More To Jumpstart Your Day


Enjoying your breakfast with coffee and more treats is now possible in Chill In Cafe as they serve the best coffee for breakfast and lunch in Gold Coast.

According to the survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research, there were about 10.4 million Australians who consume coffee every morning. A global information business that deals with market analysis, Roy Morgan Research Director Norman Morris said that the “state of coffee market in the country provides an idea that Australians are becoming more savvy when choosing their coffee.”

In fact, gourmet coffee beans are highly popular in Australia and the same survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research noted that a lot of Australians love to visit coffee shops and other coffee-related stores to buy coffee beans. In the survey, Victoria leads the number of most café visits at 58% followed by Queensland at 42%.

On the other hand, BIS Shrapnel, Australia’s leading industry research provider, noted that the Australian coffee market is now becoming competitive and the evidence can be seen on the number of cafés that have been established all over the country. Sissel Rosengren, Head of Food Service Industry in BIS Shrapnel, indicated that there is an increase of the number of cafés in Australia by as much as 65%.

While purchase of instant coffee remains to be high with a value of $516 million for the last year, purchase of roast and ground coffee is also a growing sector with a total worth of purchase at $96 in total sales value last year according to Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Datamonitor senior analyst Niraj Lalka forecasted that within the next year, Australia will have bought 23.4 million of kilograms of coffee beans because of the good press consumer perception of coffee having a lot of health and medicinal benefits. Australian Coffee Traders Association Inc (ACTAI) noted in their report that drinking four cups of coffee can greatly reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis and heart diseases.

With the many benefits of drinking coffee, there are lots of places where to buy coffee beans. Aside from buying coffee beans from online stores, there are now coffee shops that not only sell the best coffee beans but also serve treats that will complement the taste of fresh roasted coffee beans.

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