Jonathan Madzinga Art Exhibition



We regret to inform you that Jonathan’s Madzinga Art Exhibition is over! It was great to have his paintings on our walls, Thank you! If you would like to buy his paintings or contact him directly please visit his website

Jonathan Madzinga is an amazing artist with a wonderful soul. He was born on January 15th, 1985 in the Math South region of Zimbabwe. While his five siblings would go play, he’d stay in and draw on whatever paper he could find at home. His father (who was also a painter) noticed his talent early on and encouraged him to follow his heart. At the age of six, Jonathan met what would grow to be a dear and beloved friend and ally; his paintbrush. He was lucky enough to receive training in the field by means of schooling at the Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre and by the many other artists he met growing up.

When he was 11 years old, he participated in exhibitions and fund raisers, raising awareness and money for HIV and AIDS research charities in Africa. Since then, he’s worked with children and the less fortunate to bring smiles and joy to those who need it most. He’s told me himself that his wish is to leave his art’s viewers with a sense of joy and peace through his pieces.

“I’m inspired by the movements and shapes of people interacting with each other and objects in their daily lives.” he tells me, “It’s about life and living it.”

“What I like best about what I do is making people happy and sharing my culture. At the end of the day, when someone is looking at my paintings, I would like to leave them with a positive feeling.”

Guys, you have to see his paintings. If bringing a smile to your face is what he wants, I guarantee you at least one of his paintings will reach you and get it. He also sells some of his pieces on his website at and also takes commissions.
His contact information is also on his site if you’d like to drop in a good word or an order. No pressure, but at least look at the beauty and the love he puts out on canvas, you’ll thank him.

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