At Chill In Cafe, Gold Coast Coffee Shop, we take pride in our Coffee! With our knowledge and experience in the industry, we have hand-selected 8 unique coffee beans sourced directly from some of the most reputable coffee plantations on the globe, including such single source origins as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica! We give you the confidence to buy coffee beans either in store or online that has never been more delicious or affordable. Chill In Cafe specializes in roasting the freshest and most authentic coffee beans to give coffee lovers something extra special! Chill in Café prides itself on taking the artisan approach to dedicatedly servicing the public with the highest quality variety of single origin coffee beans. We are bringing something new and unique to coffee lovers out there pondering where to buy coffee beans. Wondering where to buy coffee beans online if you missed out on going to Chill In Café? Come and check out our professional partners, go to: WWW.COFFEEBEANSSHOP.COM.AU

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Here is the list of our gourmet coffee that we provide in our Gold Coast Cafe:

Brazil Dulce 100% Arabica Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance coffees conform to rigid social and environmental standards and features high quality coffees to tempt the palate from Brazil’s leading coffee farm.It has a thick creamy body, pulped natural blend with remarkable and complex characteristics, creating a high quality single origin estate cup, with a delicate and clear finish.Perfect for espresso style coffee.

Colombia Supremo 100% Arabica single-origin pod of pure Colombian coffee.The finest of the Columbian coffees is the Supremo. This coffee is medium strength and sweet tasting with a superlative chocolate flavor and delightful aroma.
Colombia Decaf Coffee Beans

Rainforest Alliance SWISS WATER® Process. A 100% chemical free coffee with a deep aroma and hint of caramel aftertaste. Produced using the Swiss Water decaffeinating process with Rainforest Alliance Certification.

Costa Rica Dota Co-op Tarrazu – Genuine “SHB” Premium – Washed 100% Arabica. This is a super-premium coffee, the wet aroma is very pronounced, with hints of chocolate, floral and fruit. Medium-deep body and good acidity, lending to its slight berry flavors. Coffee designed to work well as a straight espresso or can cut-through milk beautifully – balanced, smooth, chocolate after-taste.

Ethiopia Ethiopia Sidamo Grade, 100% Arabica coffee is prepared using the unwashed method; the beans are dried on earth or concrete drying patios, sometimes in stages. This coffee is light-bodied but explosive with floral and citrus notes. A good body and broad complexities make this bean an excellent single origin espresso.

Gold Blend 100% Arabica – rich, smooth and creamy coffee to suit a wide variety of brewing styles – espresso, plunger, filter, etc. Our special gourmet coffee is roasted in house with beans sourced from the world’s finest plantations.

Guatemala Volcan de Oro 100% Arabica, one of the most flavorful and nuanced cups in the world. Deep and rich with nut complex dominating aroma and flavor. Mountain grown beans has a very pleasant acidity distinct body, intense flavor and sweetness.

Peruvian Organic Organic Peru Paraiso Perdido, 100% certified organic coffee. A medium-bodied coffee possessing a smooth richness, fine tangy aroma and lively acidity which is never aggressive. Produces a well rounded cup, and brings out the best in other beans when used in a blend.

Platinum Blend 100% Arabica. Medium pleasant acidicty, Intensely rich. Bountiful dark creaminess in our new signature blend: PNG, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala.